What we do

Our Focus

One of the key solutions to Kenyan unemployment and sustainable development is agribusiness. In this approach, Zehu provides access to knowledge and skills on agricultural production, farm inputs, value addition, market access, access to credit facilities and technical assistance.

Why Agribusiness

This pillar is fundamental to the economy of rural areas. It improves the quality of life in many homes by increasing the added value of raw materials, strengthening local rural economies, food, security and nutrition. It provides jobs and helps the region and country achieve development goals.

How we Work

Some of the land preparation and farm labour is provided by the women and their household members while Zehu provides the on route to market; the packaging material and transport.
Zehu Agribusiness is currently engaged in production of sorghum in partnership with East African Breweries Limited. A total of 300 farmers were engaged in the last season with a coverage of 450 acres.