Our Mission, Vision & Values

Zehu Limited is a social enterprise that aims to increase the number of women and households that have diverse, reliable and sustainable income. We empower the communities to promote wealthier, healthier and happier lives.

  • Our Mission:
    To improve the quality of life in rural communities through sustainable development and opportunities linked to development agencies and private sectors without compromising future generations
  • Our Vision:
    To empower communities to lead and cascade sustainable change in the community by providing and developing decent work, and enabling economic growth which will aid in improving quality of life, eliminating poverty and promoting education.
  • Our Core Values:

• Women leadership
• Community empowerment
• Reduced inequalities
• Good jobs and economic growth
• Good health and well-being through clean water & sanitation
• Professionalism

How we work

We leverage on the experience and lessons learnt through associate women and youth organisations including Sokoni Women’s Development Initiative (SOWETE) . SOWETE has close to ten years’ experience in supporting the livelihoods of rural communities through provision of clean water.