About Zehu

Creating wealthier, healthier and happier lives

Zehu Limited is a social enterprise that aims to increase the number of women and households that have diverse, reliable and sustainable income. We achieve these objectives by operating through three Pillars;

Our Pillars

We achieve our objectives by operating through these three lines of businesses;

Zehu Agribusiness

In the agribusiness line, Zehu Limited leverages on aggregated women groups through a contract farming arrangement to produce various crops with the aim of supplying both the local and international markets

Zehu Creations

We actively promote and assist disadvantaged, currently producing unique handcrafted jewelry and baskets working closely with artisans from Kibera slums and various women and youth groups.

Zehu Solutions

We strive to search for new and innovative methods and products that are up to date with the current global market trends ensuring that goods and services are well tailored to meet consumer’s needs.

Our Creations

We aim to not only to promote the pedigree of locally available materials but also to work closely and cultivate the indigenous handcrafting skills of very talented Kenyan artisans from Kibera slums. We currently produce unique handcrafted jewellery and baskets:

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